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    At Hope & Stetson we believe in hand written stationary and pausing in the chaos of life to hold a door, say hello or simply share a smile.  We appreciate a holiday tradition and are grateful for slow Sunday drives.   We long for brown paper packages tied up with string and believe small gifts are the best gifts.  

    We are a small family owned boutique that curates a store filled with happy purchases.  We carry items that will warm your soul or the soul of a friend and hopefully will earn the title of “go to” piece in anyone's wardrobe.  

    Life is busy and sometimes we all need a moment to sharpen the things that matter and a place where worries and stresses don’t weigh heavy upon us.  We are a store filled with memories of simpler times and cozy knits, soft tees and easy affordable pieces and gifts to remind us to take pause and be present & happy.  

    We hope you will visit us in beautiful Mystic or West Hartford Connecticut and take a moment to enjoy our happy place.