Our 5 Favorite Places to Eat in West Hartford, Connecticut

Our 5 Favorite Places to Eat in West Hartford, Connecticut

West Hartford, Connecticut, is not just known for its vibrant shopping scene but also for its diverse culinary landscape that caters to a variety of palates and preferences. From American fine dining to authentic Mediterranean flavors, this charming town offers a dining experience to remember. After a delightful meal, don't forget to explore the downtown area and visit local boutiques like Lil Hope and Hope and Stetson. Here’s a guide to our top five favorite places to eat in West Hartford.

Union Kitchen - American Fine Dining

Exquisite Cuisine in a Modern Setting

Union Kitchen stands out with its contemporary American cuisine, combining classic dishes with innovative twists. The menu features locally sourced ingredients, ensuring freshness and support for local farmers and producers. The restaurant's ambiance strikes a perfect balance between upscale and welcoming, making it ideal for both special occasions and casual fine dining.

Signature Dishes to Try

Do not miss their signature dishes such as the truffle fries and the skillet-roasted chicken, each prepared with a level of mastery that enhances the natural flavors. The attention to detail in presentation is matched by the quality of the food, promising a meal to remember.

A Culinary Experience Worth Sharing

Union Kitchen is more than just a meal; it's a culinary experience that invites conversation and shared joy among diners. It's the perfect spot to celebrate life's milestones or simply enjoy a night out with loved ones.

Zohara Mediterranean Kitchen

Vibrant Mediterranean Flavors

Zohara Mediterranean Kitchen offers an authentic taste of Mediterranean cuisine with a vibrant and flavorful menu that transports diners directly to the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. The use of traditional herbs and spices in dishes like falafel, shakshuka, and various kebabs creates a palette of flavors that is both unique and comforting.

Lively Atmosphere

The atmosphere at Zohara is lively and inviting, with an open kitchen that allows diners to see their meals being prepared. The friendly staff and the warm decor contribute to a dining experience that is as delightful as the food.

Avert Brasserie - French Elegance

Classic French Cuisine with a Modern Touch

Avert Brasserie brings the essence of French dining to West Hartford with its expertly crafted menu that includes favorites like escargot, coq au vin, and bouillabaisse. Each dish is prepared with precision, reflecting the rich culinary traditions of France while incorporating a modern flair.

Chic and Sophisticated Ambiance

The brasserie’s ambiance reflects the sophistication of France, with a chic and comfortable setting that’s perfect for a romantic dinner or a gathering of friends who appreciate fine wines and fine food.

Savoy Pizzeria & Craft Bar

Artisan Pizza and Craft Beers

Savoy Pizzeria & Craft Bar is a haven for pizza enthusiasts and beer aficionados alike. The restaurant specializes in artisan pizzas baked in a wood-fired oven, with a crust that is the perfect blend of chewy and crisp. Pair your pizza with one of the craft beers on tap for a truly satisfying meal.

A Social Hub

Savoy is not just about dining; it's a social hub where locals gather to unwind and catch up over good food and drinks. The vibrant atmosphere makes it a favorite among the younger crowd and families alike.

Treva - Upscale Italian

Authentic Italian Flavors

Treva offers an upscale Italian dining experience with dishes that boast authentic flavors and ingredients. From hand-made pasta to fresh seafood, the menu is a testament to the rich culinary traditions of Italy.

Elegant and Intimate

The restaurant’s elegant decor and intimate setting make it ideal for a date night or a celebratory dinner. Treva’s attention to detail and commitment to quality are evident in every dish served, making it a must-visit for Italian cuisine lovers.

After enjoying these culinary delights, take a leisurely stroll around downtown West Hartford. Make sure to stop by Lil Hope or Hope and Stetson to discover unique finds and support local businesses. These dining spots not only offer great food but also contribute to the warm, community-oriented spirit of West Hartford. Enjoy your meal, and happy exploring!

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